The HEDD®1 (Handheld Explosive Detection Device) is the solution for which many security operators have been looking for. HEDD1 is setting new standards in handheld explosive and weapon detection based on Direct Distant Detection/ DDD/ method for detection and exploration of deposits of materials and on its unique patented Magneto-Electrostatic Detection (MED) method.


HEDD1 forms a modulated magnetic field that allows detection of all types of commercial and military explosives including liquid explosives, weapons and ammunitions within a distance between 2-100 meters behind and through all types of barriers (including concrete, steel etc.).



  • HEDD1 detects explosives and weapons within a distance from 2 meters up to 100 meters in one search round
  • HEDD1 detects explosives and weapons behind and through all types of barriers including concrete, steel etc. as well as below ground and water surface
  • Ready for use without any warm-up time, maintenance-free
  • Intuitive to use
  • HEDD1 classifies large areas quickly
  • Handheld device, easy to operate, 24/7
  • Saving time and manpower resources due to fast and efficient usage
  • Covert detection possible



  • HEDD1 detects all types of commercial, military and improvised explosives, such as TNT, Dynamite, Ammonite, PETN, RDX, C4, Semtex, Gunpowder, and others
  • The device can detect explosive materials based on -NO2 (Nitrogen Dioxide),
  •  -NO3 (Nitrate), O- (Oxygen) and H2O2
    (Hydrogen Peroxide
  • Therefore, HEDD1 can also detect firearms and all types of ammunition
  • Furthermore, HEDD1 can detect liquid explosives (e. g. TAP, TATP)
  • Highly advanced and classified military explosives do not necessarily contain the mentioned chemical components; However, HEDD1 detects the detonators and fuses, which contain such components


  • HEDD1 is a unique handheld explosives detection device for the long-range detection of explosives based on the patented Direct Distant Detection (DDD) method for the localization and exploration of materials.
  • HEDD1 forms a unique Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF) that allows simultaneous detection of all types of commercial, military and improvised explosives. Magnetic fields are not affected by any given barrier or ECM interfering signals.
  • HEDD1 creates the possibility for detection of the interference generated between the device and the characteristic energy emitted from explosives, containing one of the following components in their compound: - NO2, - NO3, - O- and H2O2.
  • For the purpose of detection of explosives a special source container was developed which is embedded in HEDD1. It operates on the principle of increasing the internal energy of ion solution. The container is placed in a constant magnetic field in order to form the MMF. The MMF pre-initiates the interference based on the excitation of ions.


  • HEDD1 is an active device. It creates a Modulated Magnetic Field (MMF)
  • The power source of HEDD1 is a 1,55V / 29mAh battery type SR626SW. It provides DC power with maximum consumption less than 1 µW (micro Watt)
  • The device emits no RF signals, but creates an MMF
  • HEDD1 is not affected by any ECM interfering signal, temperature or contaminated surroundings
  • Length: 130 mm | Height: 48 mm | Width: 30 mm | Weight: 276 g
  • Operational temperature: -20°C – +65°C, Wind: up to 1m/s

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